Hi! I'm a freelancer living in Cyberjaya!

Experienced Software Engineer who enjoys learning new stuffs and provide solutions.
Feel free to contact me and enquire on further clarifications!

What can I do for you - interested?


Creating posters and design for any business or personal use. Ranging from posters, banners, edits even filter touch up. Experienced in photo manipulation edits. 📸

Developing App

Experienced application developer, inclusive of web-based application, cloud-managed database, desktop application and even mobile application. Able to provide consultation and/or solutions upon requirement

Full-stack Development

Yep, you read it right, I do develop sites from the front-end till back-end development, starting from UI/UX design, image editing, formatting, layouts, database structure, scripting and even security.

e-Commerce Developer

Want to setup a landing page? Managing your stocks online with orders?
Get it done at an affordable price 😏 priced as low as RM50
Compared to other service provider (RM1500 and above)

Gallery - Quality above quantity

Packages offered -affordable

Starts at RM800

In the package you'll get:

  • E-Commerce website
  • E-Commerce admin website
  • FREE domain for 1 year
  • FREE 1 session of knowledge transfer
  • FREE 1 year maintenance and support

Online Catalogue
Starts at RM250

In the package you'll get:

  • 1 Landing Page
  • FREE domain for 1 year
  • FREE 1 year maintenance and support

Landing Page
Starts as low as RM50

In the package you'll get:

  • 1 Landing Page
  • FREE 3 months maintenance and support

  • Domain name, extra support can be added as à la carte

Get in touch - I'll get back to you as soon as possible.